At Bubblesea Adventures, we offer a wide range of fun and comprehensive party packages, tailored espcially to fit our customer needs

  • Birthday parties
  • Stress-relief parties
  • Back-to-school parties
  • Rewind-to-Youth parties
  • or you name it…

We also offer catering (pick-up only) for all off-site small-medium party

  • Birthday Party

    Bubblesea Adventures Birthday Party Come throw a party with us! Book Online Today or contact our friendly staff! Bubblesea Adventures...

  • On-site Party

    Bubblesea Adventures Ottawa Adults Only Party Have you ever wished that you could rewind back to the fun of being...

  • Pick-Up Catering

    Bubblesea Adventures Indoor Playground Ottawa Bubblesea Adventures are delighted to offer offsite catering to small and medium sized parties that...