Reopen Plan

Same safety and health control from Stage I with some changes:

  • Admission to ALL visitors is based on first-come-first-in method, including same-day returning guests.
  • Royal members have priority.
  • No restriction on fun time.
  • Visiting guest might be asked contact information for health report purpose. Members, please update your contact information if outdated. This includes but not limited to
    • Full Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
  • Health screening and check is still required before entrance.
  • Socks are mandatory.
  • Some areas remain closed, removed or modified for your safety. This includes but not limited to water fountain, some soft toys, games.
  • Respect social distance all the time (seating, standing, talking and etc.).  DO NOT relocate anything inside facility – they are designed to be located for your safety.
  • No food and drinks is allowed anywhere inside the facility, i.e., Candy, Gum, Chips, Coffee, Tea and etc.
  • No personal belongings (bag, purse, clothes and etc.) is allowed outside of change room area or other specified area. Please leave your valuable belongings in your vehicle, pocket or talk to our staff.
    • Child water bottle is exempted
  • Hand sanitization or hand wash is recommended and available for your use, specially before and after your visit.
  • Only drinks and light snack available for purchase in the cafeteria.
  • Follow signs/posts and staff’s direction during the check-in and while being in the facility

Before your visit:

  • Please check and declare: the customer and all accompanying visitor(s) declare to have NOT been in any of the following situation(s) within the past 14 days:
    1. Diagnosed with COVID-19, or are waiting to hear the results of a lab test for COVID-19;
    2. Had or having symptoms of COVID-19, even if mild;
    3. In contact with a suspected, probable or confirmed case of COVID-19;
    4. Told by public health that you may have been exposed to COVID-19;
    5. Returned from travel outside Canada with symptoms of COVID-19.
  • DO NOT come if you are not feeling comfortable
  • There will be no guarantee on admission as we cannot accurately forecast the capacity.

For Caregiver, Party and Group Visit:

  • Please reserve online and contact us directly via email, the staff will communicate with you using the same process as above. In particularly:
    • Contact information is required.
    • No outside food or items is allowed to bring in.
    • Please communicate with us for details.

* Bubblesea Adventures reserve the rights to cancel or stop your reservation visit at any time.