Bubblesea Adventures membership and admission ticket are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferrable, with the following possible exception with case-by-case evaluation:

  1. Family emergency. If the family needs to leave for an emergency within 15 mins, a free-entrance gift card would be provided at reception;
  2. Bubblesea Adventures Facility. If the kid(s) doesn’t like our facility and leaves within 10 mins, a full refund would be given at reception

Please contact us for any cases not enlisted above.


Membership and Admission ticket are exchangeable on and ONLY on the same day of purchase:

  • It’s recommended to purchase admission day pass at the first visit. If you like Bubblesea Adventures and decide to purchase membership, please talk to any of our friendly staffs. Your admission fee would be deducted from the price of membership;
  • If you purchase membership and change decision for any reason before your leave at the same day when you purchase the membership, please talk to any of our friendly staffs. You would be charged only the day pass fee and the remaining of the membership fee would be returned by your method of payment.


Membership becomes effective at the day of the first entrance. It would be valid for ONE year*. There’s no holding period for any membership under any circumstances.

*For kid under 1, the membership valid till the 2nd birthday date, no matter when it is purchased.


To qulify the Sibling Membership:

  • the relationship of the kid(s) to member must be sibling only (other relationship, such as nephew or cousin, etc., is excluded);
  • the kids must live under the same household sharing same contact phone number while registering;
  • up to 3 sibling memberships can be purchased on the same day with the regular membership


Bubblesea Adventures reserves the right for final explanation.