Our Re-Opening Plan – Stage III

Bubblesea Adventures is in Re-Open Plan Stage III, effective July 23, 2021.

The everything you need to know or want to know about our Re-Open Plan Stage III is available @ https://bubbleseaadventures.com/reopen-plan. Our friendly fun-coordinators will continue the same safety and health control while there are some changes during this stage. In Summary:

  • The facility is open to public with first-come-first-in policy. No need to make reservation.
  • There will be no restriction on fun time. You can enjoy as long as you wish. WOOHOOO
  • However, following stage III announcement, Bubblesea will control capacity under 50%.
  • We cannot accurately forecast the capacity. You can still contact us but we cannot guarantee your spot.
  • Our royal members would have priority.
  • Same-day returning guest will have to follow the first-come-first-in policy.
  • Party/group play reservation is still available @ https://bubbleseaadventures.com/booking.
  • The Cafeteria is still closed – Little snack and Drinks only.
  • Please carefully read our rules and restrictions before your visit, in order to avoid any unpleasant experience during your visit. The Government’s requirements and Bubblesea Adventures rules are very strict, for your and others’ safety.
  • Bubblesea Adventures reserves the right to pause or deny your visit at any time with no or short notice.

For our valued member, as PROMISED, your membership will be extended.

If you encountered with any issues, please contact us.

Bubblesea Adventures will be glad to see you all soon.

Best regards,

Bubblesea Adventures